Mugure Njendu and Mokena Makeka attending the 2023 World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen Denmark organized by the UIA – International Union of Architects , held every three years.
Mugure Njendu re-elected to the Council of the UIA – International Union of Architects.
Hubert Ruzibiza speaking at the First Austrian Forum for Peace. The workshop was themed “Capacity Development in an Unpredictable Global landscape”
Bilha Ndirangu and the 2022 inaugural cohort complete the 8 month Yale Emerging Climate Leaders Fellowship in Paris. The fellowship is a global south network of fellows tackling climate issues.
Bilha Ndirangu and colleague James Mwangi showcasing Kenya as a destination for DACCS at the Climeworks Direct Air Capture summit 2023 in Zurich, with the focus of the discussion on engineered high-quality carbon removal solutions. The team looks forward to bringing this technology to Kenya and East Africa.
Bilha Ndirangu at the Milken Institute 2023 Global Conference, speaking on the Race for Global Green Energy panel alongside Colin le Duc , Vineet Mittal and Tenzin Seldon moderated by Debra Kahn. “Africa offers strong potential for decarbonization – increased investments in renewable energy in Africa is a critical lever to make that happen.” she says
Mugure Njendu attended the KPDA CEO Breakfast Forum held on Tuesday 1st August 2023, which focused on the theme Carbon-Free Future: Creating an Enabling Environment for Adoption of Alternative Green Construction Materials. The forum provided a platform for in-depth discussions on the current state of these materials, their immense potential and the challenges that accompany their adoption.
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